I had the privilege of interviewing with the team at Circuit Stream for their series How These Designers Transitioned into the XR Design Career. Here are the questions covered.

Q1) How was your transition from traditional to XR design?
Q2) How did you start learning about XR?
Q3) What was you first professional role in XR and how did you land it?
Q4) How does your XR Design work look right now?
Q5) What was the hardest part and how did you overcome it?
Q6) Does XR design follow the same processes as traditional UX Design? How are they different?
Q7) What Are Your Favorite XR Tools and Suggestions?
Q8) If you gave one piece of advice to up and coming XR designers, what would it be?

How Aleatha Singleton Found Her Calling in XR

Learn how she made a transition into a career she loves!

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