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with Aleatha Singleton

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Expert VR UX Review

Starting at US$2100

with Aleatha Singleton

I will conduct an expert usability assessment on an existing VR experience, or a VR experience in the works, based on a series of UX industry standard criteria, the Pillars of Gaming UX by Celia Hodent, and the XR UX best practices I have written and are published on this website.

The benefit of the Expert VR UX Review is that it requires less resources and time than other UX assessment methods. The amount of time needed to complete the assessment depends on the complexity and length of the VR experience.

How we work together:

  • This will be a remote collaboration
  • We will have an initial meeting to discuss the details and necessary arrangements
  • You send me the VR experience you want evaluated
  • I will evaluate the experience and provide a report within the agreed-upon timeframe
  • We will have a follow-up discussion regarding the report, at which time the engagement will be complete
  • Any design work, mock-ups or usability testing will be a separate arrangement

The report will include:

  • A graded score of how the experience aligns with UX industry and XR UX best practices
  • An explanation of what that score means for your target audience’s experience
  • A prioritized list of issues to fix
  • A list of suggested improvements

Tech limitations:

  • PC-based VR experiences with Oculus Link or VIVE Cosmos
  • Standalone VR or MR experiences on the Quest 2
  • My focus is on headsets, not mobile apps or websites, unless it’s an immersive Cardboard-like experience