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A More Delightful Future, episode 5 with Elijah Claude and Aleatha Singleton

Podcast interview with Elijah Claude

In this interview, Elijah asks some very useful questions for people in the industry and people transitioning into the industry.

Q1) What does it mean for design to be delightful?
Q2) What do you wish tech execs knew about UX?
Q3) Why do you think execs don’t see the value of UX?
Q4) How can we be better teammates?
Q5) How do you design for emergent technology?
Q6) What are some of your favorite and least favorite Sci-Fi interfaces?
Q7) What do you think about transparent interfaces?
Q8) How do you bridge the gap between affordability and emergent technology?
Q9) When hiring for (entry-level) UX professionals, what do you look for?
Q10) What are some questions entry-level people can ask to suss out a toxic environment?
Q11) How do you invent magic?

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