Problem to solve

Although real walking is the best option for a natural and comfortable experience of moving around a virtual space, it’s not always possible due to physical space limitations. Of all of the alternative options out there as of now, teleportation is going to offer the most comfortable experience for the largest audience. 

How might I enable people to teleport easily without breaking immersion?

Bogo’s solution


Bogo uses a design pattern that I hope will become a UX standard for teleportation interaction on controllers with a joystick.

You move the joystick and your hand in the direction you want to teleport. The curve and reticle change colors depending on whether or not you can teleport to that area. When the target reticle is in the location you want to go, you release the joystick to teleport.

The only downside is they seem to be using the “blink” variation of teleportation without emulating the blink, which would be a short period of blackout during transition of location. This can cause sickness if someone spams the controller to teleport. The saving grace here is that it’s a very small playspace so not enough space for the sense of motion to kick in that might cause sickness.


Sound Effects:None
Voice Over:None
UI Text:None
Visual Cues:Curve and reticle change color to indicate where you can and can’t teleport.
Reticle at the end of curve indicates target teleportation location.
Controller Interactions:Move joystick to activate curve. Release to teleport.
Haptic Feedback:None
Environmental Cues:None
Detailed interaction patterns

Download it and try it

Bogo is a free experience that was released exclusively on the Oculus Quest in 2019.

Bogo on the Oculus Quest Store

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