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When designing UI elements and interfaces within a virtual environment, real-world physical ergonomics should be taken into consideration.

How can I prevent fatigue or physical strain?

Vader Immortal: Episode I’s solution

Vader Immortal menu with options to exit, resume, select chapter, and enter modules and settings

Vader Immortal gives people the ability to stop at any time.

They have placed a clear exit button on their main UI panel to allow you to easily exit the experience whenever you need to do so.

Menu panel from Vader Immortal Episode I showing the message "Are you sure you want to quit?" Confirm, Cancel

They also follow up with a confirmation, which allows you to cancel if it was an unintended interaction.

Download it and try it

Vader Immortal: Episode I is available on Oculus (Meta) store, and works on their Quest VR headsets.

Vader Immortal: Episode I by Lucasfilm Ltd.

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