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VR users in particular are a captive audience. This is because their eyes – and probably ears – are covered and they have nothing to do but sit or stand and wait for the environment to load while the scene changes.

Taking a long time for a scene to load in 2D is frustrating enough. In VR, it’s much more noticeable and all the more frustrating. If you don’t have a load scene at all, it also can be confusing.

How do I keep people engaged while the next scene’s still loading?

Ghost Giant’s solution

Ghost Giant by Zoink AB is a VR puzzle experience for the Meta Quest and Playstation VR.


Their load scenes keep you engaged by letting you draw in the air with sparkling blue lines of light. Even though the load times are sometimes longer, you don’t really care since you’re having plenty of fun drawing sparkling blue lines in the air.

There are blue glowing stars interspersed within a dark space, and ambient music continues to play as the next scene loads.

name of next scene showing in load scene - scene 5 the harbor
Name of next scene loading

The name of the scene or location that’s loading is also shown in within the 3D space.

When there’s a shorter load time, the drawing function doesn’t activate. When watching other people play it seems like they still want to draw every time the scene changes even if it’s a shorter load time.

It’s a clever solution with a simple interaction that doesn’t cause a big performance drain.


Sound Effects:None
Voice Over:None
UI Text:None
Visual Cues:Lines immediately emanate from index fingertip and flow as you move your hand.
Controller Interactions:None
Haptic Feedback:None
Environment:Ambient music, and glowing stars placed in 3D space.
Detailed interaction patterns

Download it and try it

Ghost Giant is available Meta Quest and PSVR.

Ghost Giant by Zoink AB

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